Transformative strategies and programmes that promise a major leap forward in business performance and ownership thinking within 90 days (or less)

Ninety-Days is a Strategic Operating System (SOS) that uses a proven 90-Days Accelerated Performance Cycle™ methodology to deliver three core Strategies and six key Programmes that help organizations accelerate their business performance – quickly!

A 90-Days Accelerated Performance Cycle™ is different! It pays its way almost immediately, usually requires no significant investment, and is very low risk…

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01Why Ninety Days

Our proven methodologies re-introduce focus and urgency to any business, re-energizing teams and re-igniting their ambition - bringing rapid, tangible and sustainable returns on investment.

Our clients are usually clear about the strategies they need to execute in order to ensure that their organisations remain competitive. But they often struggle to implement them, because doing so requires fundamental change at all levels of an organisation whilst still meeting the day-to-day challenges of running the business.

Changing long held mind-sets and habits is no easy task. This is why we have developed the 90-Days Performance Acceleration Cycle™ programme.”

At Ninety-Days our experience and belief is that the most rapid, most effective and most enduring change comes when staff have ownership of that change. We have developed a methodology that frequently involves the whole company in envisaging a much more ambitious future. Then we equip them with the skills, tools and coaching support they need to make it happen. This is what makes the Ninety-Days approach unique, and why we achieve significant results as fast as we do.”

The Ninety-Day approach can be adapted for a number of different scenarios. It starts with articulating a clear challenge – whether that is business reinvention, rapid growth, dramatic cost-savings or required leadership or cultural changes. The Ninety-Day team help identify, design and execute the appropriate challenges that have the maximum positive effect on your organization’s bottom line – quickly!

We work with your team, leveraging their knowledge of your business

to significantly improve business results within a very short time – usually 90-days or less.

What Clients Say

And by results we mean real, tangible, results:

increased sales, improved gross margins, reduced operating costs, increased profits, as well as commercially viable products and services and visible improvements in leadership behaviour and employee engagement.

The Programmes

02How Ninety Days Works

01 Simplify

Streamline your business, introduce focus and urgency and make it “fit-for-purpose”


Reintroduce focus and urgency into your business. Don’t simply improve business processes, re-imagine and reinvent your business instead.


Received wisdom suggests that you should first identify and then improve your core processes to find operating efficiencies, quality and productivity improvements. We say re-invent your business instead!

If you were to set up your team, department, or company from scratch again today, the chances are that you’d set it up differently to how it’s organised today. Our Reinvent Programmes help you and your team to do exactly that. And the improvements that your team can deliver are astonishing!


Your organisation is perfectly designed for the results it’s producing. If you’re not getting the results you need or want - change the system.


If you’re not entirely happy with the results your organisation is producing then you need to change the system that is producing those results!

Our type of “system change” is called Gamification. When you Gamify your business you create the conditions for “ownership thinking” that will drive accountability for performance through to all levels of your organisation. And when everyone is helping businesses tend to perform much better.

02 Unify

Inspire, challenge, engage, and align everyone around the organisation's strategy


The main function of leadership is change. Is your leadership team inspiring and challenging your organisation to continuously change?


Most organisations are over managed and under led!

Our 90-Day Lead Programmes deliver clear, measureable and distinctive leadership behaviours that gets everyone in the business clear about the direction of travel and inspired by the opportunities and challenges the organisation faces.


Can everyone in your team describe your organisation’s strategy? Do they know how they individually and collectively contribute to the organisation’s success?


If they can’t the chances are that they will not be able to fully contribute to the business. The best they can do is to contribute to the functional or technical aspects of their role.

Our Align Programme gives you the power to get and stay competitive by bringing together previously unconnected parts of your organisation into an interrelated, easily understood model, ensuring that you’re able to engage your entire team in the strategic thinking for your organisation.

03 Amplify

Innovate, execute, compete and grow deliberately


Is there a need for your organisation to jump-start growth and compete? Have you got a game-plan for doing so?


Is there a gap between the rate of growth that you’re achieving and the rate of growth that you want or need to achieve to remain competitive?

Are you questioning whether there are enough break-through ideas in your pipeline? Are you concerned by the possibility of a new competitor disrupting your business model? Can your organisation meet the needs and demands of your customers quickly enough? Are you concerned that you may not have enough people in your organisation with an entrepreneurial mindset who can spot opportunities and deliver them? And what about growth? Can you respond to corporate demands to double the size of your business in the next three to five years?

Our Innovate Programme enables you to transform your future by driving growth planned through innovation.


85% of strategy is never executed as conceived - so the intended value is never realised. How good is your execution capability?


Sound execution creates competitive advantage because it involves implementing a series of consistent, integrated activities systems and processes that to replicate successfully elsewhere, would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Without a systematic framework, strategy execution deteriorates into a series of knee-jerk reactions that generate initiative after initiative, organisational fatigue, and wasted time, effort and money.

Our Deliver Programme installs a simple, repeatable strategy execution system and discipline that significantly increases the chances of your organisation moves from an operational focused mindset to a strategically focused mindset.

03Who Is Ninety Days

Arend Welmers

Arend Welmers


A challenging and engaging coach, facilitator, and speaker, Arend has a reputation for designing and implementing performance strategies that generate results and challenge conventional practices. He works with CEOs and executive teams to implement effective business performance acceleration programs.

Heather Millar

Heather Millar

Marketing and Administrative Executive

Heather oversees all internal and external communications at Ninety-Days. She leads our marketing and PR efforts and is also responsible for the day-to-day administration and organisation of the business. An actor by training, Heather also produces all our client case-studies and testimonials. She also leads our new client development process.

Jess Coles

Jess Coles

Commercial Consultant

Jess is a very commercially focused entrepreneurial board level professional, specialising in high growth and business turnaround. He has an excellent track record of delivering results, adding in excess of £60m to the valuations of businesses over the last 6 years.

Alexander Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie

Leadership Consultant and Coach

Alexander has been a leading pioneer in working with the arts in business for over 25 years. He is particularly recognised for his work in the use of storytelling as a tool for learning and development in organisations. 

A storyteller, executive coach and consultant, he is internationally recognised for his work developing authentic heart-centred leadership.  In 1998 he became a Winston Churchill Fellow for his research into the role of storytelling in organisational leadership and communication. 

Alexander currently works across three continents with ongoing projects in the UK, India and the US. He is an inspiring speaker and workshop leader and his work span across a wide section of senior development forums from housing charities to world class financial institutions. 

04What Clients Say

Pharmaceutical Press

The Ninety-Days team delivered exactly what they said they would. They helped us achieve major change in our organization, to a level and within a time frame that we previously wouldn’t have thought possible. The result for Pharmaceutical Press has been a significant reduction in our operating costs and a marked increase in our potential to compete. They gave us confidence, were always responsive, and worked very much as part of our team.

Jane Macintyre

Pharmaceutical Press


"Having worked with Arend for over a decade in a variety of very different circumstances, I am able to confidently testify to the impact he is likely to have on almost any organisational challenge. Arend is particularly expert in finding ways to combine a full range of benefits and in doing so, he has always left a clearly identifiable and long-lasting impact on the skills, knowledge, attitude and most impressively the financial state of affairs of the organisations I have asked him to help me improve."

Jude Sheeran


American Institute of Physics Publishing

Working with Arend has been inspiring. We had an ambitious vision and the ‘inside-out’ process really helped get everyone within the entire company involved with realising that vision. We set stretching goals, and we achieved them.

John Haynes, CEO

American Institute of Physics Publishing


Arend coached myself and the rest of our leadership team during a tough spot in the early phase of our business. With Arend's help, we are now much wiser on what is important when running a business, and since then we have gone from strength to strength. His way with people is truly inspiring, and he was able to motivate our whole team to make some extremely difficult yet needed decisions, whilst teaching us all skills for life. Arend can walk into a room and engage every single person to listen up and take notice, no matter where they sit within the company, which is extremely invaluable in a business coach. I would highly recommend Arend to anyone.

Amy Ashton, Managing Director


Apex Elements

Ninety-Days Ltd / Arend Welmers as a consultancy, immersed itself in our business in a way that enabled and ensured measurable bottom line improvement as well as a culture change that has taken the company to new levels in terms of workforce involvement in the business.

Our last few years have been extremely challenging in a shrinking market environment, and only through the methodologies implemented by Ninety-Days have we been equipped to weather that storm and survive. Estimated mini-project savings over the past 3 years exceed £100,000, a portion of which will remain as ongoing annual savings. There is potential for that to double once we fill our capacity again.

John Gilmour

Apex Elements

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