Sense Making and Mindfulness

This blog post was written by Alexander Mackenzie, Ninety Days’ leadership consultant and coach.

Try sitting down for five minutes. No time?


And yet how many meeting are you locked into that get nowhere and can leave you de-motivated and bewildered wishing the world might open up and swallow you up (or rather any number of your adversaries!). Or instead in the same five minutes imagine you can begin to prioritise what’s really important in a mindful way and so develop a critical leadership competency. Even before prioritizing, can a level emotional / awareness field be established.? Into this sense of calm you might be surprised to discover an insight that turns everything around or more likely to see that the problem was not actually that bad after all.

A place of calm/ self reflection is essential for creativity to flourish. Calm and creative awareness is the domain for ingenuity, courage and for being fearless in the face of the maelstrom. Mindfulness makes way for the senses not only to strengthen emotional intelligence but also become increasingly clearer faculties of body based knowledge, a visceral intelligence

Becoming a fearless leader calls for a synchronicity of the creative, the intellectual and the behavioural . An age old blending of Head, Heart and Body.

At the centre of the 3 circle model of Head, Heart and Body is the golden spiral of Creative Mindfulness. As a central agent of dynamic flux it influences how we think, feel and behave. Being holistic and aesthetic it can transform our maze of intellectual thoughts into a clear meaningful strategy. Endless proliferations of plans and meetings about meetings become redundant. The aesthetic creative mindfulness when it engages the heart and is expressed artistically can show itself in authentic personal relationships and physically in the body as a quality of naturally authoritative presence. Altogether the working premise of opening up otherwise difficult issues that can drag a team, a company to its knees. A leader working in a fearless way seeks out the issues that become would otherwise become concrete, in an open, supportive and if need be in an honestly challenging way. 

As it is more deeply incorporated the depth of awareness that comes with working in this creative and mindful way moves from self awareness (intrapersonal) to team awareness (interpersonal) and to cultural awareness ( extrapersonal).


Being commercially innovative, collaborating with team trust and taking provident risks will be some of the key trademarks that will describe organisations that survive this very uncertain economic time. 

Leaders who take a proactive approach to working deliberately and methodically with intelligent ideas supported by emotional vigour and synchronized behaviour are called to address the deepest fears of our time with clear hearted mindfulness and artful enquiry.

In Summary

  • Being creative has always been a necessity for organisations to thrive, prosper and be successful. Creativity is rooted in the arts.
  • Working together collaboratively is essential for businesses to grow smartly and is a competitive imperative commercially. Emotional intelligence is the basis of profitable working relationships.
  • Being mindful enables leadership insight, intuitive company forecasting, presence of conviction and trust. 5 minutes can go along way.
  • Embracing a sense of aesthetic awareness is a core strength of the fearless leader.

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This blog post was written by Alexander Mackenzie, Ninety Days’ leadership consultant and coach.