Why Shouldn't We Fire You?

Do you consistently add measurable value to your organisation or are you just busy?

I frequently ask this question of my coaching clients. I promise I’m not being a smart-ass! The question is intended to challenge their understanding about what value they add to their organisation! “What about you? Did you have a great year, quarter, month? What about a great week or even a great day? More importantly, how do you know?”

The fact is, I’ve never received a satisfactory answer to this question. What I tend to get are illustrations of how busy they’ve been, the hours they’ve put in, how hard they have worked, the problems they’ve dealt with. What I rarely get is how much measurable value they’ve added to their business!

Even if organisations follow the widely accepted convention of adopting objective setting and performance appraisals, my experience is that these quickly become administrative exercises. Not always, but most often! If this is the case in your organisation then all you’re creating is a lot of “white noise”: wasted energy, effort, time and money. In other words, very little measurable value-add! And paying for all that value-less activity is very expensive.


So why does this happen? Well I think it’s something like this… One of my daughters, at the age of 12, decided she wanted to do Taekwondo. Her best friend was doing it, and I think she liked the idea of having all the kit. I watched her train hard over many months and then I noticed that although she was faithfully learning the kata she had no real understanding of why she had to learn them. There was no clarity of purpose in her training, other than copying the moves she had been shown. The “why” was missing! So, one evening I asked her to watch a few minutes of a Bruce Lee film with me. And everything changed! Suddenly she understood what martial arts was all about! It changed her behaviour and performance level instantly! Instead of just following the kata, her patterns suddenly became crisper, quicker, more powerful and purposeful. Moves became complete routines with a clear result in mind. And almost overnight she started winning! First recognition from the coach then gold medals in competition!


My point is, turning up and going through your moves is not enough - even if you turn up every day and work hard at it. If you’re not working with a clear purpose, and what you deliver does not add measurable value to your organisation, your contribution is likely to be no more than mediocre! Can you afford to settle for mediocrity? Are you, right now, one of the small number of people in your organisation that really makes a measurable difference? Or are you one of the many who really don’t add any measurable value? So, I ask you again - why shouldn’t we fire you?

Just imagine instead that if I (as your coach) asked you that question right now, how much more valuable you would be to your organisation if you were able to categorically, clearly and confidently answer that question in measurable terms.

And what’s in it for you? More recognition, better compensation, more responsibility, better progression possibilities, better job security and probably more interesting work!

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