Get Results Fast!

Are you impatient with the pace of progress in your organisation? You already know you must achieve more - faster.

Use 90-day Accelerated Performance Cycles (APCs) to quickly multiply your ability to make large-scale changes succeed.

Our evidence suggests that the most powerful driver of better performance is better performance itself. In other words, if you want to help an organisation to develop its ability to perform better then the best thing you can do is help it to start winning quickly in some of the areas it’s trying to strengthen.  We’ve had lots of success with this philosophy in many organisations over many years.

Most business advisors on the other hand will tell you: if you want to improve your business performance you must first lay down the foundations that will enable the changes to take place – do market research, install the right IT systems, recruit better talent, improve your training regime, reorganise the structure, change the culture, develop the right strategies and innovate, as well, as sorting out all the other problems! In other words, be prepared to spend a lot of money, resources and time preparing! And, by the way be patient…don’t expect gains anytime soon!

When you use a 90-day Accelerated Performance Cycle approach it means if you want to enter a completely new market for example, you start not by doing market analysis but by testing that market immediately! If you want to grow faster, you don’t begin with studies analysing growth opportunities but by accelerating the growth of one product, or one customer - now – and do it in a way that strengthens your capacity for larger scale progress.

Accepting this approach requires you to challenge the conventional wisdom that a short-term focus is always bad, and accept that short-term successes are not an alternative to longer-term strategic outlook, but instead as an essential tool to long-term business progress.

In the race to be more competitive, today’s leaders know that the “right answer” is right only if the organisation can make it work. Without the capacity to implement – at every level of the organisation – large-scale changes and innovations have little chance for success.


We make large-scale changes succeed by using shorter 90-day results producing projects to develop the capacity for change. Through these Accelerated Performance Cycles we energise your teams and introduce urgency and an intense focus on getting results.  And it’s your people who conceive, design, plan and execute these projects. They get the results! In this way they develop their capacity to introduce and manage change in the business. Our approach has been tried, tested and proven in the field by real organisations to improve performance and increase the speed and adoption of change, often driving millions of Pounds to the bottom-line.

Ninety Days’ projects produce results quickly, introduce new work patterns, and enable participants to learn how to manage large-scale change in their businesses.  Each 90-day Accelerated Performance cycle tests innovations and builds the capability of individuals and the organisation as a whole. With our approach you get both short-term wins while gaining long-term success.

Importantly, you get a comprehensive change strategy that quickly begins to pay its way, which usually requires no major investment, and assumes very little risk. Contrast that with large-scale, all-in change programmes, usually inspired by large, expensive consulting firms, together with long payback periods and very high risks of disappointment.

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