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Ninety-Days Culture Workout

An intensive and focused 6-day workout for qualifying companies. Learn how to measurably improve business performance and employee engagement through introducing Ownership Thinking to your organisation.


Ninety-Days Culture Workout

Six Proven Business Strategies Delivered Over 6-Days.

The Ninety-Days Culture Workout is different! We work with your designated Implementation Team, leveraging their knowledge of your business to significantly improve business results within a very short time - usually 90-days or less.

And by results we mean real, tangible, results: increased sales, improved gross margins, reduced operating costs and increased profits.

All generated by Ownership Thinking!


Benefits at a glance

  • Self-financing. No risk. Guaranteed ROI

    We will work with you until your workshop investment has been fully returned - minimum! We expect you to achieve much more than that.

  • Drive employee engagement

    Educate all staff members on how the business works, what is critical to success and the role they play in achieving goals.

  • Generate ownership thinking

    Create a 'Business of Business People' who Think, Act and Feel like Owners.

  • Build teamwork within your organisation

    Rally employees around a common goal in order to achieve a shared reward.

  • Develop a winning mentality

    Create an environment where winning is recognised and the team rewarded for generating results.

  • Increase business and financial literacy

    Reinforce key components of business success such as goal setting, mutual accountability and performance management.

  • Re-energise your team and reignite ambition

    Equip your employees with the skills, tools, coaching support and business system they need to sustainably change behaviours and business results.

  • Improve sales and increase bottom line

    Explain how profit is created and demonstrate clear tactics for sales and operations teams to set goals and deliver.


Tried, Tested & Proven Strategies

Workout Facilitator: Arend Welmers - CEO Ninety Days

Arend is the founder and CEO of Ninety Days and is one of the world’s leading experts on Ownership Thinking.

Six one-day workshops held every two weeks over Ninety Days.

Designed to improve business performance and employee engagement through Ownership Thinking.

  1. Setting a business challenge to generate your ROI and develop leadership behaviours
  2. Business appraisal, benchmarking and business model
  3. Identifying your critical numbers and key drivers
  4. Designing your recognition and reward structure including bonus schemes
  5. Creating scoreboards and installing a huddle meeting methodology
  6. Improving finance and business literacy throughout the organisation

Proven Results

  • Publishing Company


    Cash generated through increased sales within 90 days. 50% more profitable within two years

  • Publishing Company


    Put on bottom line within 12 months

  • Social Services Organisation


    New income target back on track within 90 days

  • Manufacturing Company


    Reduction in Operating costs delivered in 90 days


What clients say

In our company’s 26 years history there have been many improvement initiatives. None have had the impact that matches the Ninety Days Culture Workout! Implementing the six strategies that Arend taught us could not have been more significant for us. All our employees understand the direction we’re taking and more importantly they know how they can make a difference every day, result!

John Gilmour, Managing Director

Apex Elements

The Ninety-Days team delivered exactly what they said they would. They helped us achieve major change in our organisation to a level and within a time frame that we previously wouldn’t have thought possible. The result for Pharmaceutical Press has been a significant reduction in our operating costs and a marked increase in our potential to compete.

Jane Macintyre, Director of Technology and Production

Pharmaceutical Press


Who should attend?

  • Company leaders

    CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Directors, Owners, Senior Management, Internal Business performance & Culture Champions.

  • Implementation Team

    3 to 5 of your organisational leaders who will be tasked with implementing ownership thinking within your business.


Workshop structure

Each participating organisation will have its own workspace at the workout but will be encouraged to share their non-confidential insights with other implementation teams attending the Culture Workout.


Scheduled dates

Upcoming regional workshops

South West 90-Days Business Workout

Autumn 2020 | Venue TBC

  • September

  • 4th
  • 18th
  • October

  • 12th
  • 26th
  • November

  • 9th
  • 23rd

Midlands 90-Days Business Workout

Spring 2021 | Venue TBC

  • January

  • 25th
  • February

  • 8th
  • 22nd
  • March

  • 8th
  • 22nd
  • April

  • 5th

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